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DentapressA Monophase – Type A Monophase Silicone Measurement Item

dentapressA monofaz
  • Instruction for use: DentapressA-Monophase is an automatic mixing additive silicone-based measurement material with a medium fluid consistency.

    Indication: Crown, bridge, inlay, and onlay measurements. Function and feeding measures, Implant or transfer measures

    Measuring spoon and adhesive: Solid metal or plastic measuring spoonshould be used with DentapressA-monophase. In the selection of spoons, care should be taken to ensure that there is sufficient distance between the edge of the spoon and the tooth. When using a non-perforated measuring spoon, a thin layer of tray adhesive should be used before adding DentapressA Monophase to the spoon in order to allow SeDenta DentapressA-Monophase to adhere to the spoon and wait an average of 3 minutes.

  • Preparation of the cartridge: Before the cartridge cover is removed and the mixing tip is replaced, the mixing gun is squeezed to take out a quantity of measuring material in the size of chickpeas. The level of the base and catalyst measurement material at the end of the tube is equalized. Then the mixing tip is attached. Thus, the cartridge is ready for use. Additional “Intra Oral Tips” are foreseen for direct and precise application to the mouth. Do not cover the cartridge with its cap again. The used mixing tip acts as a cover until the next use. Otherwise, there may be a risk of contamination or undesirable hardening disorders.

    Usage: The measuring spoon filled with DentapressA-Monophase is applied directly to the mouth. The measuring spoon is kept in this position for about 2 minutes until the measurement material hardens. After oral intake, it is thoroughly cleaned and washed in running water. The measure is thoroughly dried to avoid air bubbles during plaster model preparation.

    Correction measurement: If there are missing or incorrect parts in the measurement, the correction measurement can be taken. Before taking the correction measurement, the measure should be dried thoroughly and the escape channels of the excess measurement material should be opened. DentapressA-Monophase is squeezed into the measure as a correction item. The filled measure is kept for the given hardening time of the material. In order for the two measures to adhere well to each other, no more than 30 minutes should pass between the two procedures.

    Disinfection: The measure can be disinfected with normal commercial items. Please note that the disinfectant used is suitable for use in additional silicone materials. The use of 2% glutaraldehyde is recommended. The waiting time of the measure in the disinfectant is 10-15 minutes. is. Then wash for 15 seconds in running water. Store the measure at normal room temperature (15-25 °C) and prepare a plaster model within 30 minutes of oral administration.

    Galvanoplasty: All of the measures can be plated with copper and silver.

    Model preparation: The measure should be stored at normal room temperature. (max. 25 °C). The measure can be used for casting at least 30 minutes after oral administration. Apart from this, there is no limitation in terms of time.

    Technical Data: Working time (from the start of mixing) 1.30 minutes. Recommended holding time: 2.30 min. Strain under pressure: 2.2-2.9% Strain residue: 0.45%. Shora A-hardness rate: 60. (after 24h)

    Composition: Vinylpolysiloxane (VPS), silicon dioxide, a platinum catalyst, surfactants, small amounts of stabilizers, and additives.

    Classification: DIN EN ISO 4823:2000, Type.2 Medium intensity.

    Storage: Do not store above 25 °C. Do not use it after the expiry date.

    CAUTION: Do not mix the lid and measuring spoon. Do not use with standard measurement materials (C silicones). Do not use latex gloves, as latex may interact with polyvinyl on contact and distort the measurement.

    Warranty: SeDenta Health Services Co. Ltd. warrants that this product is free from material and manufacturing defects. SeDenta Health Services Co. Ltd. does not take responsibility for the salability of the product or its suitability for a special purpose. Responsibility for proper and correct use of the product belongs to the user. Regarding any damage within the warranty period, SeDenta Health Services Co. Ltd.’s responsibility is only to repair or replace the relevant product.

    Limitation of Liability: Regarding the use of this product, SeDenta Health Services Co. Ltd. is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or any kind of damages.


    It was produced in Germany for SeDenta Health Services Co. Ltd.