M6 R98 Mirrors are Recommended for Professional DSLR Photos R75 Mirrors are Recommended for Smartphone Photos 5 Mirror Shapes Self AirClean


M5 Design for Use with Microscope or Loupe Ultra-Thin 1.6 mm Tip (Available Q2 2020 ) 4 Mirror Sizes Replaceable Tips Self AirClean  

M1 Bright

M1 Bright Modular LED Design for Easy Infection Control Regulated Circuit for Constant Light Intensity Brightness 65,000 Lux White Light CRI>90 to Reveal True Colors  

M2 Rainbow

M2 Rainbow R75/R98 Anti-Fog Mirror Replaceable Mirrors Built-In Endo Gauge for Extra Convenience

M3 Breeze

M3 Breeze Self AirClean System with Hydrophobic Mirrors Quick Connect Tubing 2 Instant- Air- Connect Options 360° Free Rotation Handle  

M7 Eva

M7 Eva Patented 3-Axis Rotation Connentor for Easy Maneuverability Patented 3D-Suction Provides Powerful Suction in All Directions without Damaging Soft Tissues 5.5 mm Thin Mirror Tip, the Thinest in the Industry Fits 11 mm/16 mm Standard Suction Hoses